Mountain Construction – An award winning track record for over a decade.

About Mountain Construction Company in Lovell, Wyoming

Mountain Construction Company was founded in 1999 by the current shareholders Michael Frost, Tony Frost, Stuart Frost, and David Frost, each being experienced in highway construction . The company was awarded several WYDOT asphalt paving contracts in 2000 and has continued to specialize in aggregate production and asphalt paving since. Expansion of the company has continued and now includes an additional asphalt plant, grading equipment, milling and grinding equipment and local commercial aggregate materials delivered around the Big Horn Basin.


WY Contractors Assoc. & Associated General Contractors of America
  • Excellent Safety Record – 2001
  • Excellent Safety Record – 2002
  • Excellent Safety Record – 2004
  • Excellent Safety Record – 2008-2012

US Mine Safety & Health Administration (MSHA)
  • Outstanding Safety Record – 2007
  • Outstanding Safety Record – 2009
  • Outstanding Safety Record – 2010
  • Outstanding Safety Record – 2011

2011 Smoothest Pavement With Wearing Course

WY Contractors Assoc. & WYDOT
  • Smoothest Pavement without Wearing Course – 2004
  • Smoothest Pavement without Wearing Course – 2005
  • Smoothest Pavement with Wearing Course – 2005
  • Smoothest Pavement with Wearing Course – 2011


Mountain Construction completed the South Big Horn Airport project in 2011.

I found Mountain Construction to be both qualified, competent and extremely reliable. I would not hesitate to use Mountain Construction Company for any job requiring their services and skill set in the future.

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Meet the Team
Michael Frost


Stuart Frost


David Frost


Eric Smith

Plants Operations & Equipment Maintenance Manager

Mark Wentz


Chris Stevens

Supervisor – Crusher

Terry Devyak

Quality Control – Paving